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CVNR Research Featured in new Television Series

Research scientists from the Atlanta VA Center for Visual & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CVNR) will be featured in 2 segments of the Georgia Public Broadcasting’s (GPB) new television series, Your Fantastic Mind. This series features compelling stories on brain-related health and wellness, including innovations in exercise and partnered dance from our Atlanta VA researchers. The series airs on Monday, January 28th at 8pm and will run for 12 weeks. Congratulations to our research scientists and thank you for the work that you do to help Veterans. We invite you to tune in and see all of the advances in brain health science.

Congratulations to CVNR investigators Madeleine Hackney, Keith McGregor, and Joe Nocera, who will be featured in the series. 

Fall 2018 NEW FUNDING: McGregor receives VA Merit Award

(904) 584-9217 has also been awarded VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Merit funding. Dr. McGregor’s project, “Effects of Aging on Cortical Excitability During Motor Learning” will be focused on the effects of aging on the brain's ability to learn new tasks. Using technologies including magnetic resonance spectroscopy, functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation, this project will attempt to discern the patterns of brain activity associated with optimal motor learning in older adults. Dr. McGregor serves as the Director of the CVNR’s Telerehabilitation Core and manages the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) laboratory

Fall 2018: New Investigator & New Funding

Congratulations to Lisa Krishnamurthy, PhD who received a near perfect score on her VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Career Development Award “Beyond lesion-language mapping in aphasia: A novel imaging-based prediction model.” This project will create a more complete imaging methodology that contains both anatomical and physiological correlates of language behavior, highlighting key brain areas to target for rehabilitation after stroke. Dr. Krishnamurthy has been collaborating with the CVNR for several years, and her efforts have culminated with this VA award. She will be joining the CVNR as a Principal Investigator this Fall. Welcome!

Fall 2018 NEW FUNDING: Boatright receives VA Merit Award

Congratulations to (609) 979-4427 on his new VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Merit Award “A TrkB Activator for Treatment of Glaucoma.” Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness and inordinately affects Veterans. BrainDerived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) keeps our brain and retina cells healthy. However, as we age, or in diseases such as glaucoma, BDNF levels decline. Dr. Boatright is developing drugs to be taken orally that supplement declining BDNF levels with the hopes of protecting vision. Additionally, Dr. Boatright serves as the Director of the CVNR’s Molecular Biology Core and the Chair of the Atlanta VA’s Institutional Animal Care & Use Committees (IACUC).

Winter 2018: Congratulations April Maa, MD

Dr. April Maa has been promoted to Clinical Director of Technology-Based Eye Care Services (TECS). TECS is a comprehensive tele-ophthalmology program with the VISN 7 Regional Telehealth Service, which helps provide better access to eye care for rural Veterans.  Well done, Dr. Maa!  

Winter 2018: New Investigator joins CVNR

Congratulations to 501-987-4649!  His research study, The Effect of Estrogen Deficiencies on Vision Loss in Glaucoma, has been selected for funding.  Dr. Feola intends to understand how a change in hormonal status affects visual function and biomechanical properties of the eye. His projects also investigate hormones (e.g. estrogen) as neuroprotective against the progression of visual impairment in glaucoma and potentially their benefit in various ocular diseases. Welcome to the CVNR, Dr. Feola!

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