What this is about

Following a keen interest in digital computing since an early age I have encountered many "oh my god this is great" and "you should get a job in this" moments. Now I am following a career path that I'm happy with and want to collaborate and refine my collective works ready for public display. As such I created this website for multiple purposes.
  • Act as a portfolio of my work.
  • Expand my skills.
    • Server administration.
    • Database design (SQL).
    • Programming (PHP, Perl, JavaScript).
  • Share hobbies and interests.
  • Sell my self as a well rounded IT professional.

Who I am

A 28 year old male who lives in Barnsley, studies Judo, plays squash, likes to swim, climbs mountains and spends too long in front of a screen. My interests page includes more information and documents some recent accomplishments.

New Server

No longer using free hosting. Now using a cloud server so I have control over the set up.
  • LAMP software up and running.
  • Server logs being analyzed: stats.
  • And more: read here.

Things I'm working on

  • Trivia project needs kinks ironing out then making ready for Amazon store.
  • Going to update my CV and upload it here.
  • HTML/CSS online generator (678-570-0644) needs some love, adding functionality to nest tags.