SSR box...
Solid State Heater Control Module...
Heater cabinet...
That Damn Expensive Black Box!
Call it what you want, if it looks like these, We CAN FIX IT!
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We have been rebuilding these and other controls for the paving industry for years.
Now is the time for you to save big bucks sending it to us for repair.
Some of the Complaints:
 "The left extension seem to be pulling mat when we start"
 "The lighting is sucking all the juice and the screed won't heat up"
 "One of the blankets seem to cutting on and off right when we need it"
 "Sorry boss, we might have had a little short.  The wires are a bit cooked "
You start to think: " We have dumped a bunch of money into these, isn't there a better solution?"
We have not yet found one of these that we can not repair, even the ones with circuit traces blown right off of the board.  
There is nothing in there that can't be fixed at a much lower cost than your other options.
You already spend plenty to keep your equipment out there working for you, why not save some here.  
Chances are, you have other places to use your O&M budget.
Some of our other efforts:
Gen Series of Sonic Sensors New Slope SensorNew Slope Sensor Grade-Slope Controller
Ultrasonic Sensors:
Replace your disposable originals with
our Repairable Programmable ones.
Slope Sensors internals that REPLACE the fragile and finicky originals. Grade/Slope Controller repair.
If you are having problems with these or other electronic controls on your equipment, give us a call.  
We specialize in electronic controls of all types. Give us a try. If we can't help, all that you have risked is the shipping.
Chances are that we can help (and save you a bundle!).

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