Who We Are

We are Firmologic, based in the port city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We have been building, managing and securing cloud infrastructure for over 14 years. In 2012, we setup our own DevOps team. We have helped our clients and partners with software applications. This has lead our clients to straighten their positions and enter new markets. We have a passion for prototyping and technological implementation. We provide infrastructure security and software development. We would love to meet you and listen to your passionate story, contact us for a coffee.

Cloud infrastructure

Our expertise in hardware, datacenter automation, security makes us the ideal partner for high demanding application platforms. We have helped our clients host, secure & maintain their data. Keeping their services running 24/7. We hate vendor-lock in, we love flexibility and scalability. We provide our expertise in building a secure private cloud platform and help maintaining existing platforms from major cloud providers. Our integration and migration expertise, has helped our partners get the best. With our aggressive and guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA), we are able to deliver our services to the most demanding partners.

Software and Application development

We have software expertise on the most advanced platforms. We deliver software platforms that help your employees & clients work more efficiently, to get things done your way. Timing is critical, diversity of expertise is now a must to build& maintain a software stack that grows with your business operations.We have the skill-set to structure processes, architect the platform core and choose the right environment for you. Prototyping the first version within a few weeks to get you started fast. This all is backed up with a quality of service and delivery time, so you can give your business what it needs to succeed.

Fields of Expertise

Cloud infrastructure

We have a global presence, build scalable private cloud environments, secured and managed, with seamless integration into all major public cloud providers...

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We build automation environments for portals to process orders, third party data, administrative tasks, provide self service or automation capabilities for clients or users...

Bigdata & Business Intelligence

Data is the new science, but storing and turning the massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence requires in dept expertise...


The financial sector requires near-instant decision making. With data gathering and processing, all packed into a portal that helps departments...


Systems need more proactive functionalities and growth within the organisation. Devices need more automation in terms of data intelligence gather and quality controlling...

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Innovative startups operating in new markets need more diversity in technology and specialisation in different fields. They also deal with different variables of risks...