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At Unibet, we believe that luck is no co-incidence, variables all play a big part in the outcome of a game, so we want to share some exclusive betting insights with you. Read on as we cover all the basics, from the most popular sports to bet on, an explanation of how odds work as well as the most popular bets that Unibet players look for when betting on sports!

Introduction to Sports Betting

If you are new to sports betting you might find it a little intimidating when choosing from thousands of bets covering many different sporting events. Luckily, you’re in good hands and we’ll guide you into making smarter and more informed betting decisions. We’ll cover betting terms, when to bet, why we choose a particular bet and other valuable information designed to help you bet with confidence. We’ll also discuss the most popular sports, the differences between outright betting, live betting and pre-match betting as well as how multipliers work.

Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds come in three format options; decimal, fractional and American. At Unibet we display the fractional odds but these can be changed to your preference from the top left of your screen or at the bottom when you’re in a particular sport

Odds will be presented as follows:







All these odds are describing the same end result, that is, if you place a bet of £1, you will potentially have returned £3.25. Most punters opt for the decimal option as it’s pretty straightforward. We’ll delve a little deeper into the technicalities on the Odds Explained page.

Some of the Popular Bets at Unibet

With hundreds of bets to choose from, placing a bet can be a pretty daunting task for new players, so we’re highlighting the most popular bets among Unibet players. If you’re looking to simply back a team to win the game, your bet should be a pretty straightforward one, but having different betting options presents the opportunity to make more money. Some of the most popular bets include:

Under / Over 2.5 Goals

Double Chance Betting

Both Teams to Score

Half Time Betting

Popular Sports to Bet On

Football is the most popular sport to bet on at Unibet and we offer hundreds of different bets on football because of the endless possibilities of the game. Tennis is another favourite among our players, especially when it comes to Grand Slams, where all the tennis giants compete to go down in history. You’ll have the option to bet pre-match or during the match in what is referred to as ‘Live Betting’. Live Betting gives players the opportunity to make additional bets, meaning you could place a bet on, the next set, the next game and even the next point.

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Sports Betting Promotions

When signing up to Unibet, you’ll be awarded with different bonuses and promotions to choose from, as a token of our appreciation for choosing us. Sports betting bonuses change from time to time so be sure to visit the (267) 222-7472 page.