SPARC and INDEX Online are cloud-served data transformation and scenario planning tools.

Web-Based GIS Warehouse

Make your data widley accessible. No GIS software necessary, no ESRI fees.

Connecting with National Data

Leverage national datasets preloaded and assembled for your community.

Integrated Enterprise Technology

Reduce the size of large datasets with an intelligent geometer model.

Data Repair Wizard

Common data quality problems fixed automatically.

Integrate All Datasets

See datasets from multiple sources on one map.

Tool Interoperability

Migrate data to multiple tools using custom tool templates. Export data for desktop or access the SPARC API from other web tools.

INDEX Online

Real-time scenario design and indicator scoring without GIS technical skills.

Who Benefits?

The significance of SPARC-INDEX lies in its common data schema and integrative functions that allow multiple organizations to efficiently collaborate and integrate a variety of tools into a single planning process.

Data Providers

Common publication platform

GIS Specialists

Automated data clean-up

Data transformation services

Tool Developers

Consolidate multiple jurisdictional datasets

Gather input data through custom tool templates

Project Managers

GIS ftp site with optional web viewer

Project coordination site


No GIS software necessary

Interactive scenario design

Leverage analysis tools cost-effectively


Access via web browser

Familiar Google Maps interface


SPARC-INDEX is a cloud-based service available through custom instances that include:

Set Up & Hosting

Configured client instance, including national data and system integration testing, hosted on SPARC servers.


A two-hour webinar covering SPARC operations.

Data Services

Uploading, downloading, quality transformation, mapping.

Tool Templates

Data models for popular planning support tools and planning-relevant national datasets.

INDEX Online

Real-time scenario design and indicator scoring without GIS technical skills.

Technical Support

Email and phone support for users.

For uniquely challenging data situations, consulting assistance is also available on an hourly basis.


Scenario Design Example

Map Navigation Basics

Select Clients

Seven 50

Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan

Project Website
Plan for Opportunity

Plan for Opportunity: Mississippi Gulf Coast

Project Website
Sustainable Places Project

Sustainable Places Project: Austin, TX

Project Website
 City of San Antonio

City of San Antonio Neighborhood Sustainability Study

Project Website
2040 Land-Use Scenarios

2040 Land-Use Scenarios: Lee County, Florida

Project Website


SPARC and INDEX Online are available as a subscription service where all you need is a web browser and Internet connection to tap its power. Forget the hassle of maintaining hardware and software by having an instance created and hosted for your next project. For those seeking an in-house solution, SPARC can also be deployed to in-house or hosted servers.

For pricing quotations, please contact 226-342-1090 with the following information:

And the GIS data to be stored and transformed in SPARC, including:



(530) 551-9240

Detailed information on the scenario planning challenges that drove the design of the SPARC model.


The SPARC and INDEX Online tools are owned and maintained by Thomas York of Salem, OR. INDEX Online is a web-served version of the now discontinued desktop version of the INDEX scenario planning software, originally built by Thom for 541-210-3625. This new generation of scenario planning tools is the product of Thom's experience helping local, regional and state jurisdictions implement INDEX in multi-party, multi-tool planning projects. Insights gained through these real-world processes have given Thom a deep understanding of practitioner needs, and underpins both tools' innovative features.

Thom York

Thom has been involved in scenario planning since 2001. He has helped metropolitan planning organizations and local agencies across the country model the sustainability of alternative growth visions and land-use and transportation plans. Thom is a specialist in the assessment of location efficiency and the simulation of multi-modal transportation networks. His LEED-ND Connections Tool is considered to be one of the most rigorous evaluation devices for walking, biking, and connectivity in the U.S. He is a co-recipient of the American Planning Association’s Best Use of Technology Award for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Renewal Forum, and an active member of the Open Source Planning Tools Group.


If you have questions or would like to schedule a webinar to see how your project or daily workflow can benefit from SPARC and INDEX Online, please email us at

(734) 206-6664