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Company Profile

Independent Property Investment Advice

We provide independent advice on commercial, industrial and special purpose and residential property. Our objective is simple. We work through the many property investment options available to help clients build a safe profitable portfolio and create wealth through quality investment grade property.

Aside from providing advice on real estate investments, we arrange and manage investments for joint owned property for trusts and independent investors. Built on the philosophy that obtaining independent advice is the first and most important step to success in investing in property across the various categories of property.

Proven Property Investment Experts

Established in 2015, but with over 30 years of investment experience, Firstline Commercial Advisory Corp. is a boutique client-focused property investment consultancy. With a head office in Victoria, British Columbia, we employ a team of advisors, researchers and asset managers. We specialize in all types of property, giving our investors a larger range of options for building their portfolio. Our network and focus is concentrated on British Columbia where we have advised and assisted in the acquisition of properties on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. We are extremely proud that the majority of our business is derived from personal referrals and ongoing partnerships with our clients.

Directed by Michael Smith and the team who act as advisors to our clients are qualified Land Economists, Licensed Property Consultants, Valuers and Financial Planners, each with years of experience in the property industry.

Creating Wealth through Quality Property Investments

Our highly qualified and experienced team help investors understand and take advantage of the options available to them across the 14 most lucrative types of investment property including:

  • Residential property (when the time is right);
  • Commercial Property;
  • Industrial Property;
  • Special Purpose Property;
  • Commercial Property Syndication;
  • Development Property Syndication;

Our policy is to recommend only select properties that deliver strong yields with minimum risk, or have a potential for added value to increase future returns. Over 80% of our acquisitions are off-market; our relationships with industry leaders ensure that we have first pick of premium commercial, industrial and specific purpose investment properties which we know are fundamentally safe investments for our clients.

We are discerning about the property we purchase with the principal considerations being:

  • Safety of the investment;
  • Investment growth potential;
  • Above average returns long term;
  • Security of income paid monthly into your account;
  • Dealing with the highest quality corporations, national & international brands and proven quality tenants.